How to choose the guide for escorting around?Do it yourself vs local expert!

April 2, 2019 Shruti Dave

Our country is exquisite, with many explored and unexplored places and endless told and untold stories! For such astounding destinations, the wanderlust kicks in and the traveler in you takes control, simply eager to explore and know more & more…

Your globe-trotting ways can portray a lot about you and picture the life you want for yourself!

But how to get to know about a new place? Its history, its significance or basically just about its mark on the map of world? Normally, one would read and research about all the places of interest and then rejoice in the charisma of their chosen destination. Isn’t that right? Visit for Udaipur tour package.

But, on the other hand, there are people who are information or history-lovers, who like to know knick-knacks of each and every place they shall be visiting. They, then, take in help of well-researched guides who know about the spots in and out. For them, the idea of a perfect vacation- Perfect place, cosy accommodation with amenities, many places of interest to explore and an informative guide or aid to help you.

How to choose a well-informed guide?

When you wish to explore a city, you would want to do it from the eyes of a local rather than through generalized information. Hence, the need of a good guide arises! Moreover, a good guide knows all the aspects about the landmark. They know that he/she needs to be precise, true and factual rather than giving out false and fabricated information to visiting tourists.

Choosing a registered guide is any day a viable option than spoiling your dream trip because of distorted fables and details.

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Why is it so difficult to find a recognized guide every time?

If we talk about Udaipur city, it is undoubtedly a top vacation choice for people from within the country and abroad. For an average inflow of 5000-8000+ travelers in peak season, there are only around 150 expert guides available. The gap between the requirement and availability grows day by day and can’t be met soon.

Technology as an asset…

With less and less learned people in the field, the need to devise other possibility arises. Technology plays a vital role in such situations. We, now have readily available content about tourist spots, on applications and websites that can be accessed on our phones. The only issue the authenticity and credibility is a question and also with so much available, what to read and what to miss?

Other advantageous option is to Do-it-yourself…

The much practical route is do-it-yourself without the worry of non-availability of guides or the genuineness of material available. This decision works wonders as you can then tour at your convenience for as much time as you wish to. Specifically in your preferred language and leisurely, without the urgency of hurrying as such.

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