Padharo is Launching the Fleet and Booking Management App For Vehicle Management

May 15, 2020 admin

Padharo has been working in the travel domain from 2017, providing local experiences. We have been aiming to create a market-place for the vehicle rental and taxis for quite some-time. The current situation of COVID-19 has made our digital platform more relevant. Public transports are not plying and many people are stuck in other cities away from their home. Not only now but even in the near future people won’t prefer to travel by public transport. The demand for private transport will obviously go up. Here is an app that not only helps taxi owners to manage the fleet, pricing, Bookings, and drivers rather you can also earn additional revenue from Padharo.

This app and web-interface are absolutely free enabling the local businesses to move from conventional bookkeeping to digital system.

We make a difference to your business in more than one way

  • Generate additional revenue With Padharo
    Our vehicle partners can get booking not only on My booking but from Padharo Market Place as well. This has given them an opportunity to earn additional revenue effortlessly. The good part is that this app is 100% free to access for all the vehicle rental partners. Our app is very user-friendly and compatible with all mobiles.
  • Set flexible pricing  of Your Vehicles
    You can set flexible pricing for the vehicles according to the demand and inflation rates. So set the prices for weekends, weekdays, and peak Inflation separately. You can add vehicles, allocate drivers, and set the prices, what else do you seek.
  • Paperless Vehicle Management
    Get system-generated in-voice along with GST calculation immediately after every booking. Save all the important documents related to the vehicles or driver details in the app itself. You can get rid of the logbooks and store all the documents digitally.
  • Set your own cancellation policies
    Just define your own cancellation policy and save it in the app for a quick review. Instead of calculating manually, the app calculates the refund in line with the calculation policy. This saves your effort and time of calculating everything manually. Just define the policies once and the rest is sorted.
  • Quick review through Quick price and Calendar
    To review the availability of the vehicles on a particular date just click go to the calendar and click on that date. A quick price feature helps you to get an overview of the pricing already defined.
  • Keep yourself updated through the user feedbacks
    You can see the reviews of your customers fetched from different platforms. So you can work as per your customer’s expectations and demands.

We have been constantly updating ourselves as per the requirements of the market. Our fleet and vendor management app is meant to redefine vehicle management with better technology and accuracy.