See all the colors of Thar Desert in the Reth festival

January 11, 2020 admin

Reth festival 2020 is going to be organized in the heart of the Thar Desert at “Jaisalmer”. The desert gets illuminated with lights, vibrancy, and festivity in the air. The entire festival highlights the rich heritage and culture of the desert life. This festival comprises of events like heritage haveli stay, golden fort walk, world music, artisan bazaar, art workshops, morning music, Sufi music at the dunes and royal spread of food.

What can you expect?

  • 4 nights and 3 days with like-minded people, friends, and master artists.
  • Exclusive walks through the golden fort with a member of the Royal Family.
  • Live in historic heritage haveli’s filled with artifacts and stories.
  • Unique Immersive creative workshops.
  • Artisan Market and Craft Exhibits.
  • Music concerts by National and international musicians.
  • Sufi music during the sunset on the sand dunes.
  • Early morning music meditation.
  • Royal Spread of Food.
  • Film screenings and discussions.

Venue details

Date-29th January -2nd February 2020
Venue – Jaisalmer

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The creative residential festival aims to create an atmosphere for participants to dive into creative learning in a vibrant festival atmosphere with hands-on workshops during the day and live music evenings. The workshops provide a unique opportunity to learn directly from the masters themselves

  • Small is beautiful: Mughal miniature painting.
  • Tracing hands: Sand Animation.
  • Secrets of Independent film making.
  • Sustainable printing: Block printing and natural dyes.
  • Smart filming: Film making on your phone.
  • A portrait of Rajasthan: Anatomy drawing and color work.
  • A touch of folk: Folk instruments and technology.
  • Rich Mix: A blend of various short craft workshops, artisan visits, and craft trips.

reth festival rajasthan




Visiting the Reth festival enables us to know the cultural diversity of the Thar desert. Find Rajasthan closer to your heart by participating in the workshop with the real folk artists. Enjoy every moment of your stay amidst the desert. Book the tickets as early as possible. Come, enjoy, learn and participate.
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