Why Udaipur is among World’s Top Tourist Places?

March 13, 2019 Shruti Dave

A survey by Travel + Leisure, based on user’s reviews & rankings, has declared Udaipur at 3rd position of the World’s Top Tourist places. Exciting isn’t it? Well, magnificent & mesmerizing Udaipur, undoubtedly deserves this spot and many more such accolades. There are many reasons why Udaipur, the only Indian city in the list, has out-ranked many other tourist destinations.

Udaipur, the crown jewel of the state of Rajasthan is an epitome of not just history, amorousness, grandiose but hospitality & cordiality as well. Udaipur is best shopping place also.

“The architecture has a story to tell, the bewitching sights have their own spell,

Serene & tranquil yet exciting & colourful, rustic and unscathed yet opulent & imperial,

The land of royalty is welcoming and nice! Indeed a traveller’s paradise!

Simply magical and memorable!

That’s Udaipur for you…”


Beauty Galore –

Udaipur, the City of Lakes, is blessed with an incredible natural beauty, rich history & is an architectural feast to a traveller’s eyes. There is a spot for each kind of wanderlust –be it someone searching for natural beauty, heritage, serenity, spirituality or romance or simply just holiday fun. You shall be enthralled from tranquillity of Lake Fateh Sagar & splendour of Pichola Lake, from grandiose of City Palace & picturesque sights of Monsoon Palace and so much more. Udaipur is simply stunning sitting there amid the Aravalli’s.


History, fables & folklore –

The “Land of the Kings” has an aura of royalty, exquisiteness and antiquity in the air and till now, after all these years, it is majestically thriving. Udaipur has seen generations of Mewar Kingdom dynasty, known for their valour and pride. Also known as White City of India, Udaipur, is an architectural wonder and a history lover’s paradise. City Palace, Monsoon Palace, Baghore Ki Haveli, Haldighati and so much more to explore.


Warm & Hospitable –

While there is a whiff of opulent & royalty in the air of Udaipur, the people are humble and grounded. Following the motto of “Athithi Devo Bhawa” (Guest akin to God) & “Padharo Mare Desh” (Welcome to my land), the people of Udaipur are welcoming & giving. The community in terms of hospitality, is living up to the ethics & traditions of their ancestors, Mewar Kingdom. They know tourists are their guests, and they treat them with utmost sincerity and courtesy. Don’t be surprised if the locals go an extra mile for your comfort, for they are known for their warmth & support.


 Economical to extravagance –

On one hand, there are enchanting palaces, forts and luxurious hotels and on the other hand, there are home-stays, modern boutique hotels and budget resorts too. “The Venice of the East” is known world-wide for the royalty and one doesn’t need to spend a bomb to experience that alluring royalty. Even budget hotels in Udaipur are straight out of a regal story book.


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