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Originating from the small town of Udaipur in India, also called the Venice of East, We call ourselves “Padharo” which means “Welcome” working as a platform to provide tour package services. Knitting the flavor of Rajasthan by amalgamating you with our local culture, art and architecture, we are the single concierge platform where you can have all your needs addressed when you land in a new land amongst new people altogether. We are your local buddy!

Our journey started in 2016, as we started thinking about the problem tourists face at local level, when they visit a new place With some of our members travelling extensively around, we realised that TRUST is a big factor as we travel. With numerous information options available on travel, we are mostly confused with what to do and what not. Apart from this planning and execution consumes a lot of time.

So we are on a mission to bring together everything that you need as a traveler like taxi services in Udaipur. We envision “Padharo” as a platform that will enable the traveler’s to plan where to travel and how to travel with the most pocket-friendly options. You can select here vehicle on rent of your choice.

We all love and listen to stories, don’t we? So, we built “Padharo” as a platform that enables the traveler to read stories of fellow travelers and share their own stories to help others. Thereby we equip the traveler to make informed decision to explore the city, opt for locally curated activities, and take customized tours and car rental services in a single go.

In your Udaipur Tour Package, the travel enthusiasts can enjoy their journey to the fullest by booking for bike rental services. Our specialty is that we give roadworthy bikes on rent in Udaipur at the most affordable rates.


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What’s different


With a deep focus on holistic local experience, we sit right next to you, as you travel. Maybe in your pocket or in your palm.


Services you can trust. Name you can believe as you see us in most of our partner Hotels. We are about “Welcoming” the travelers with love and warmth a city has to offer. Building trust in everything we do.


Crafted by locals, we bring to you the original content and well researched information about the places, activities in a city. All local experiences. Thereby, ensuring that a Rupee is well spent.


While on the go, you are not alone, write to us, chat with us or call us 24*7 on 93-14-22-33-22. We will make sure that we see you in person, if you love to meet one of us. We believe being GLocaL is what defines us.


Everything just cannot be so difficult. While travelling you need easy to do things. Our platform is just focused on making your local experience easy go. If you have feedbacks, we would love to hear on support@padharo.co. It should be easy, isn’t it?

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We are a young energetic team, working to build locally crafted platform supporting travelers. With diversified experience into various domains, a bunch of geeks have come together to solve the unsolved




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