Experience the Rural Rajasthan – Adventure Voyage in Royal Style

August 29, 2019 Aarti Sharma

Dump the standard suspects. On the off chance that you ‘Need REAL – Go RURAL’. Padharotakes you to a standout amongst the most regal corners of India in Rajasthan on a country visit to Samode, close Jaipur. Offering reprieve from the quick city life, this little town is tied in with associating with local people, investigating the rustic way of life and finding the amazing corner of ‘Fantastic India’.

Samode, a little fantasy like town arranged around 40 km from Jaipur is known for its social legacy, verifiable landmarks and a standout amongst the most sentimental inns – Samode Palace.


Provincial Samode will offer you an encounter of regal Rajasthan alongside the kind of neighborhood way of life. One can have hands-on involvement in conventional cooking, making lac bangles, sharing cultivating in neighborhood fields and notwithstanding draining the dairy animals.


There are so many places in Rajasthan that offer the royal and authentic essence. Jaisalmer which is generally referred to as the Golden city tops that list. It is filled with beautiful golden sand dunes and magnificent forts. There are many beautiful architecture temples that would please your senses. One of the most interesting facts about this city is, the aerial view of this city looks like a prince sitting on the sand dunes.


Then comes the pink city, Jaipur which also the capital city of Rajasthan. There are a number of forts including Amber Fort, City Palace, etc that will fill your senses with royal bliss. You can experience the desert safari and can shop beautiful artifacts.

To experience one of the most distinctive royal experience, one has to visit Jodhpur. Jodhpur is famously known as the blue city because of the beautiful blue houses in the city. The Mehrangarh fort of Jodhpur is a very exotic fort with a rich heritage.


Next comes, the city of lakes, Udaipur. This city is known for having so many beautiful and enchanting views. Boating in these lakes is a very famous activity which is most sought after by the tourists.


We obviously need to keep a lot in mind when we are going to a new place and it eventually starts with searching for a tour package. Well, in case of Udaipur it is to search for tour packages in Rajasthan. Let’s see how we can get the authentic rural Rajasthan feels.


The stay: Settling on a homestay to get an unadulterated country experience is less expensive and appropriate for families, gatherings, couples and single woman explorers like me. At homestays in Samode, you can be guaranteed of your wellbeing as all the homestays are enrolled with the state the travel industry board. I remained with Kumawat family including six individuals (Mr. Raj Kumawat (father), Mrs. Kumawat and four children to be specific Juicy, Frooti, Mango and Chiku… clever names however adorable!). The house included six rooms, each with essential comforts and tidiness.

Dozing on the porch (housetop), looking at the unending sky and innumerable stars is an encounter of a lifetime.

 The musical evenings: Unlike urban areas, rustic India has an altogether different and conventional nightlife. The most ideal approach to appreciate nighttimes in Samode is by choosing nearby Kalbelia move execution which is viewed as the most exotic move types of Rajasthan. In a night wash in the evening glow under the starry sky and the mesmerizing cadenced serenades by nearby performers will revive the soul in you. The harmony and quiet of the delicate stirring leaves and wind and the starlit night add a quality of sentimentalism to this magnificent move structure.

Go Rural: Know Rural

Continuously wash hands and drink pressed filtered water. Do check for ISO imprint and seal on the jug. Sunscreen moisturizers, caps, shades and mosquito repellent creams are an unquestionable requirement for a rustic Rajasthan remains.

Power is an issue in Samode. Make sure to have enough camera batteries with you for catching your Kodak minutes.


Shopping silver adornments from Stonex Gems Work, acquiring lac bangles from neighborhood showcase, drinking tea at Yadav Tea slow down, camel rides over the sand hills and sight-seeing ballooning over Samode Palace.

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