Get a tour guide to bring a visible difference in your trip

December 5, 2019 admin

When we suggest hiring a tour guide, we invariably mean that guides do bring a difference to your tour in more than one way. That tour guide can be either a person or an audio guide. Tours can be of many type viz. tours that cover only transportation, tours that are so packed that you feel like you’re getting shuffled from site to site, and tours that are fully customized to your needs. A tour guide is one of the important factors that help in creating a travel experience you’ll either rave about or an experience that will soon be forgotten.

What should you expect?

A good guide will introduce himself and will make genuine efforts to know from where you come from, why have you come and what interests you the most. If there are other members in the group he will introduce everyone to each other.

Types of guide you can avail

Audio Guide

If you like to travel alone and seek privacy then our audio guide is best for you. Our audio guide is available in both Hindi and English. While booking for a tour package from our website or app, you have to choose an option of either guide in person or audio guide.

Guide In Person

So make a choice of the kind of guide you require depends on your budget and preferences. Guide in person is also available in many languages including foreign languages.

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Why book a tour guide?

  • If you have limited time, the tour guide helps you explore the place better than what you would have done on your own.
  • If you are visiting many spots on the same day, it may not be possible for you to read about all the places before visiting. So a tour guide is a must.
  • The tour company may have access to special local experiences that you may not have.
  • You are altogether new to the culture, language, and geography of a place.

Who is a good tour guide?

  • A good tour guide will show you every site on the itinerary. Apart from this, he will take special interest to show new places based on your interest. He will make every effort to give you a unique experience of the place.
  • He will ensure that you get an ethnic touch of food, shopping, and sightseeing, without any self –interest apart from his fees.
  • A tour guide is always on time and is good at time management. He is flexible with his time and will tailor the visit as per your interest and time constraint.
  • A good tour guide will not only give you a glimpse of the history and culture of the place. He should be a great storyteller and will go out of the way to help you explore the place like a local.
  • A good guide will be able to tell you what makes this place unique and special from others based on his experience. He will make every effort to make your journey a memorable one.
  • A good guide will recommend to you about other events and activities in the town and will never force you for a tip personally. He would wrap up by thanking you for coming and would welcome you for coming back again.

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